Why Learn the Last 10 Surahs?

The Last 10 surahs are the most often recited and memorized Surah's by vast majority of Muslims of all ages all around the world. This means we NEED to know what these surahs mean and how to recite them properly. As a student of the Arabic language for over 10 years, 8 of which were spent in the blessed city of al-Madinah, I can tell you first hand that there is no feeling more satisfying than standing in obedience in front of your Lord and UNDERSTANDING what you are reciting. This should be all of our life goals! Learning the Last 10 Surahs is the next logical step in this journey.

  • We will discuss a very brief overview of the Surah.

  • We will read each verse in Arabic alongside the English translation and touch upon the meanings of each word so you can feel fully engaged and in tune with exactly what your Lord is saying to you. The whole idea is for you to feel connected to the Book of Allah. If you feel you need to go back to replay me reading each verse please feel free to do so such that you can get your pronunciation as close to mine as possible.

  • We will conclude with the benefits that can be taking from the Surah.

  • In addition to all of this value, we will also be giving you a FREE pdf version of my personal notes absolutely FREE!

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