Write Like a Pro!

Watch from practically over my shoulder as I take you on a journey, showing you exactly how I write each letter of the Arabic alphabet.

112-Page Writing E-Book

112-page workbook on writing and recognizing the Arabic language, with practice exercises for every letter and difficulty from Alif to Yaa.

Bonus: Beginners Speaking Course

Get ready to sound like you've been speaking Arabic for years with our speaking course. Learn how to introduce yourself, meet & greet and speak about your family.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Let's Learn the Arabic Alphabet

  • 2

    Your Practice Resources

    • Difficulty Level: Easy

    • Difficulty Level: Medium

    • Difficulty Level: Hard

    • Difficulty Level: Very Hard

  • 3

    Writing the Arabic Alphabet

  • 4

    BONUS: Speaking Skills (Meeting and Greeting)